Internet Banking Transition FAQs

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Citizens Bank and Trust Company

Internet Banking Transition FAQs

Updated 4/10/2017

When will the transition to the new internet banking system take place?

We will switch to the new system on the morning of April 17, 2017. You will still be able to access it using the area in the top right section of our home page at

Will I be required to re-enroll in internet banking?

No. If you have enrolled previously, your new internet banking account will be activated. You will use your Social Security Number or Tax ID Number as your initial Customer ID, but will be assigned a temporary password. That password will be composed of the letters “cb” and the last six digits of your Social Security Number or if a commercial account, “cb” and the last six digits of your Tax ID Number. Ex. cb123456. You will be asked to create a unique password upon your initial login and you will be able to change your Customer ID to one of your choosing.

How do I enroll?

Go to our website at and look in the upper right corner. Just under the LOGIN button, you will see a link to Enroll. Click on this link and follow the instructions.

I am a commercial customer who uses the cash management feature. Will all of my payees be pre-loaded into the new internet banking system?

No, information from the previous system will not be loaded into the new system. You will need to input payees in order to create your batches. If you need further information or assistance, please contact our Deposit Operations Department at 478-374-4754.

Will I still have Bill Pay?

Yes. Bill pay is still a service offered by the bank. You will need to input your payees into the new system. A new feature being offered is Picture Pay. This feature gives you the ability to submit a picture of the bill you need to pay. Everything else is taken care of for you. This feature can also be used to setup payees that were in the previous system. Simply print out your payees prior to April 17 and on or after that date, log into internet banking using your mobile device, click on Bill Pay, and then access Picture Pay. Snap a picture of the printout or bill and you’re done. (Make sure all pertinent information is visible and clear, i.e. Payee, Account Number, Payment Amount, Payee Address, etc.) Picture pay will only generate a one-time payment, but the payee information is stored to your profile. If you need to schedule a recurring payment after the original payment, simply edit the information in Bill Pay to create a recurring payment. **Please do not include multiple bills or payees in the same Picture Pay submission.